Monday, December 21, 2009

Nightbeaders doll

And here is the back of Nightbeaders doll.

Xmas Gift

I was in a doll exchange in one of my yahoo groups and this charming 'warm' doll was made for me by Susan "Nightbeader" in Mesa Arizona.

I just adore her, my favorite color's too.
There are many, many crystals which really make her shine.
So sweet to do this for me.

Thank you Nighbeader, thank you, thank you.

Secret Pal presents

Well finally we found out who our Secret Pals were at the Bead Society here in Prescott.
Mine was Sassy from Dewey, Arizona, and she has been so wonderful to me.

I wanted to show you what she gave me for Christmas, the beautiful gold necklace on the left. Isn't it just drop dead gorgeous. The beautiful beaded bead necklace on the right she also gave me for my Birthday in October.

So thank you to Sassy for being the best Secret Pal, all your beading is so pretty.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

CAT back

And here is the Cat's back.

Animal Round Robin - CAT is home

After several months another Round Robin has finished and here are some pictures of my lovely CAT. Isn't she just darling, I adore all the different colors.

She will join the other 'girls' under my Pencil Xmas tree.

Thanks to all the girls below for doing such a beautiful, beautiful job on my CAT. I couldn't be more thrilled with her.

Phyllis King - Warrenton, NCarolina
Veila Antila - San Marcos, California
Sassy Osborne - Dewey, Arizona
Shirley Kelliher - Prescott, Arizona

Form was made by Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley, Arizona
Face made by Christine M of England

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bead Weaving Class

Here is the piece I was made in a class in Phoenix some time ago, finally finished.

It was my first attempt in Beadweaving. It was great fun and I loved it.

Hope you love it too.

Alicia Xmas sweater

Here is the picture of one present for my g/daughter Alicia in Milwaukee.
She will just love it. She is always asking Grandma what she is making for her.
Its a size 8 and it took months and months to make. I'm really not that fast with my knitting....I'm sure she will love it.

Have to get it wrapped pronto.

Merry Christmas

Well we knee deep in the Holiday season here in Prescott. We even had a bad, bad winter storm, thank goodness its over with now. Lots of damages with big time winds, snow, rain, hail,you name it, we had it.

Kids are both coming for Christmas, one from Milwaukee and other from Phoenix. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree and I"m ready for the Holidays to begin.

Here is a picture of all MY KIDS under a pencil tree I bought when we lived in Pa.
How do you like my KIDS!!!!!!!!!!! vbg

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Fall and Halloween

Well where has the time gone. Can't believe its been over a month since I have posted.

Lots of beading and knitting going on here as usual. I also was gone to my son's in Phoenix for l0 days for my Birthday. I just didn't want to be alone for that, my first LAST without my sweetie.
Ed's sister is coming this Thursday from South Dakota during the Anniversary of his passing, it sure doesn't feel like a whole year to me. I still expect him to come in the kitchen door. sigh

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful fall and a Happy Halloween to you all. We don't get the kids in this subdivision and I miss that. Ed and I always enjoyed seeing the kids all dressed up, it was such good fun.

Soon winter will be here and I hate to loose all my flowers. I did bring in a ton to save in my kitchen and I tell you it looks like a Nursery in the kitchen! Its so good to have a happy face when you walk in the kitchen and start your day. My flower's make me happy.

Hugs E/less

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newest Felted Purse

Well here are the last two felted purses for this year.
It was great fun and its time to start working on my Christmas presents for family members.

I've worked on the Asian ladies and these felted purses most of this very hot summer in Prescott.

Hope you like them.

Summer is done and Fall is coming shortly. You wouldn't know it from the weather, we still are into the Monsoon's and hot and humid weather.

Fall will bring transplanting some flowers and bringing them indoor's to keep them for the next year...I sure hate to loose my flowers, they are so wonderful to enjoy. But I do have more time to enjoy them, even until late November. At least we know, another season of wonderful flowers will come.

Enjoy your fall my friends and enjoy life. I sure do still miss my sweetie. sighhhhh

Asian Beaded Lady II

Here is my Asian Lady II. I had a big problem with her, I didnt consider the l/4 inch edge on the frame. Shame on E/less! So had to take a lot of bigger beads out and just made it all look like the background. Live and learn! You'd think I have learned by now! LOL

Hope you enjoy her too. Both of these ladies were done this summer.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Asian Beaded Lady

Here is a framed picture of an all hand beaded Asian Lady. I've been working on her for weeks and weeks and weeks. She was hard for me to work on because she was done in a limited amounts of colors. Many of you know I'm all about color. But I thought it would be fun to do something that I haven't done before. A good learning experience.

I think she is very pretty and hope you do too. She was fun to work on for sure.

Asian face by Linda Clink -

Holiday Felted Purse

And here is my Holiday Felted Purse, it was great fun to do this one too.
Hope you enjoy it too.

I"m sure many of you are working on your Christmas projects too!

Felted Fall Purse

Well I've been felting for days now. Here is my newest creation of a Fall Felted Purse.
Hope you like it.

Prayers for friends in California, we now have the smoke from the fires here in Prescott.
We had big storms tonight and the winds brought in the smell. sigh

And another big fire has started in Payson Arizona, north of us, we have fires all around us now!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Miss Chocolate Back

And here is Miss Chocolate's back.
Dontcha' just love her!

And here in Prescott we have had a very very hot and humid summer. The hot weather even cracked a window in our bedroom and had to be replaced, now that is HOT! And very unlike living here two hours north of Phoenix.

Finally it has cooled off somewhat this week and I'm more than happy to have the windows and door's open. How I love the fresh air.

I continue to work on the beading and my knitting projects and working out 3 times a week.
Life goes on, although, its very lonesome without my sweetie.

I'm working on more creations and will be posted soon. Thanks to all of you to keep posting what I"m doing here in Prescott.

Hope you all enjoy the fall weather coming up, I know I sure will.

Miss Chocolate

Well another round robin doll, Miss Chocolate, came home to me dripping in chocolates!

The swirls of cream chocolates on her body, the cinnamon chocolates hair, the white chocolates,and chocolate covered cherries makes her quit the Chocolate Diva.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to the ladies that worked on this round robin. Those Artists were Carol DeLater. Indiana, Ann Hoke, Oregon, Jerry Lance, Oregon, Velia Antila, California and Gale Michel, New Mexico. Everyone truly did an outstanding job with their beading talents.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fall Sweater

Well as promised, here is my new Fall Sweater.

Its pretty busy to say the least. I thought the brown wool variegated on the top would calm all the fall colors down. Well, as this pictures shows, it just make it busier. In person, you really cant see the design as bad as in the picture!

Don't we all learn with every experience.

I'll wear it this fall, and yes, its quit warm. And thank you Kathy once again for all your help with this creation.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hand knitted sweater

Well my TWO YEAR project is finally done...
Its an all scrap yarn sweater for me, yes, all scraps, just take a couple yards of each color and weights and tie them together and make balls of yarn. I love the look.

One problem,,all the different weights made the pattern way off and had to cut it all and prepare the sweater same way you would put a jacket together. My dear friend Marsha helped me out at first, then she left town for awhile, and then this lovely lady at Cupper's coffeehouse where we met each Monday helped me put it all together.

And again, thank you so much Marcia and Kathy. Now I'm more comfortable with cutting my sweater when needed! A scary thing for sure...ugh!

I might make one for my g/daughter someday, maybe! Right now I"m knitted out!
Although I am making four knitted hats for Cancer patients. I want to get those done next as I promised I would do them.

I have a fall sweater that Kathy is sewing together right now and its about the same style as this blue one, maybe a little different in style though, but in fall colors. That will be posted very soon.

Hope you like it and it was sooooooooooo fun to make, I loved the process.

Happy knitting to all my knitting friends.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Arizona Round Robin Doll

Here is Little Miss Blue Bell, she just arrived home all completed by such talented beaders who live right here in Arizona. Isn't she just beautiful and she shines and sparkles and will be joining all my other dolls that have been around the world.

All the girls did a drop dead gorgeous job. Thank you so much Sassy from Dewey, Jo from Payson, Crystal from Sun City, Susan from Mesa and Victoria from Carefree.

Purple Crystal Necklace

Here is a beautiful crystal necklace with some drop beads.
Wish I could have gotten a better picture of the shimmer of the crystals.
I first saw this necklace on the Beadworks class site in Dallas, the teacher Marci was very very nice to me and taught me the class on line.

It was great fun and Marci made it very easy for me to do this piece, thank you Marci.

Happy 4th of July

The Monsoons are here in Prescott so its hot and humid and many, many storms.
Lots of activities downtown here in Prescott, lots of vendors selling their Artwork, music and lots of people enjoying the hot summer day's here.

Me, I"m home catching up on things around the house etc.

Wishing you all a wonderful 4th full of love and family gatherings.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Free form piece

Well it's been sometime since I have posted here.
Been very very busy with lots of legal issues to take care of.
I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. I"m almost done.
Then maybe I"ll have more time to create.

I'm still going out and doing pretty good I would say. Lots of beading and knitting groups to keep me busy and company at our home too. They just keep on coming which I love.

Here is a free form piece I have been work on for some time. Just framed it and its done for the sale I'm in in November. Hopefully, someone else will love it too and want to take it home for their very own. Hope you like it too.

Hope you all are having a wonderful start of summer weather. Here in Prescott its been chilly lately, but warmer this next week.

Happy Summer to you all!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Form Necklace

Well its already mid May, the time goes so fast and there is so much to do everyday with my sweetie gone.......Miss him more and more.

Here is a UFO finally done and it's to be worn at the neck line, all in blacks and coopers, my favorite form of beading. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Someone wanted me to part with it already, but not sure I want to do that, but we'll see.

Happy May to all of you and all the gardens are blooming like crazy here.
Love my flowers!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


And here is the back side.

The designs on the back are just perfect for this theme and doll.

Hope you all enjoy her as much as I do.

SOLANGE is home

Solange, my Southwest Queen is finally home. Our BAD group on Yahoo had a Seasonal Round Robin and I designed this form for that challenge and asked for Summer and a Southwest theme. Actual doll sewn by Ronda Kivett.

This was the last doll that Ed saw me working on before it started on its way around the U.S.A, so it means the world to me. He so would have loved to see her come home, she is just so, so, beautiful.

She sits on my entry way table for all to see, she sure is a beauty.

Thank you to the girls who worked on her from the bottom of my heart. Ann Hoke Oregon, Gail Isbell, Mt., Rosalie Harrison, Arkansas, Jena Tuntas, Florida, Kathleen Chrisman, Va., Karol Berzins, Ma. The workmanship is more that fantastic.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Phoenix Trip

More off road

Phoenix trip

Would you believe this!!!!!!!!

More of off road!

Phoenix Trip

Weather here was very very hot when I got here but now its just beautiful the last couple of days.

Here's more off road pictures.


Phoenix Trip

Well I"m in Phoenix at my son's for this whole week. We really had a good time, lots of shopping and eating and relaxing.

Here are some off road pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pansies from Last year

Well you won't believe this, but these pansies are all from last year's planting. Yup, they are standing high in the cold days we have been having and very happy to do so. Thought you would like to see too.

Well that is for posting today.

I continue to be in lots of round robins, so more dolls to come in the future. I am waiting for a very very special Southwest doll to come home to me. She should be here soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful holidays coming up soon and hope your all with your loved ones. Hugs them strong and long and be happy. Take care now and see you all very soon again.

Goddess of my Garden Doll - Back

And here is the back of the Goddess of my Garden doll.
First time I did a doll that wasn't completely beaded and it was a new challenge to do.

Hope you enjoy her as much as I loved making her.

Goddess of my Garden Doll

I was working on this doll myself when Ronda Kivetts doll came to my house in the Arizona Round Robin. I can't remember who did the flowers on the bottom, but when I saw this, I just had to have something similar on this doll too. Ronda gave me permission to use it too for this doll although mine is a little different.

YOu all know how I love my flowers, so it was perfect for what I was beading at the time. The hair is very very full and took me over a week to do. I so love doing hair, I think that is my favorite part of the doll.

Hope you enjoy her too.

Form made by Ronda Kivett and beaded by me.

Santa's back

And this is the back of Santa. Isn't the work just fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed all the work too.

Arizona Round Robin - My Doll

This is my completed Santa Doll that I send out last year in the Arizona Round Robin.

Form made by Ronda Kivett and face made by Maggie Walker from Canada. I just loved this Santa face and purchased it from her and of course Ronda loves to make forms so I never have a problem getting wonderful work from these girl's.

Beaders who worked on Santa are: Sandra Gill Payson, Joye Holiman Payson, Susan Feldkamp Mesa, Crystal Fox, Sun City, Julie Jones, Gilbert, Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley.

Thankyou girlfriends, your the best.

Brett's back

Here is the back view of Brett's Doll by the Arizona Round Robin girlfriends!

Were doing another round now, so when my completed doll comes home, you will see her too.

How much fun all this beading is, what would I do without all this beading, knitting, family and friends!

Brett Farve doll

This week I got a GIFT PKG in the mail of this Brett Farve doll and cheese head. Can you even believe it, I about fainted when I opened the pkg and was crying and crying.

It was from a Arizona Round Robin we have here in Arizona, any resident of Arizona can play.

The girls who worked on this doll are: Sanda Gill of Payson, Joyce Holiman of Payson, Crystal Fox of Sun City, Julie Jones of Gilbert, Dian Moore of Prescott, Susan Feldkamp of Mesa. and Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley.

And it was Susan's form and she gifted it to me. Now isn't she the best friend a girl could have. I still can't believe how gracious she is to give it to me. I can't thank you enough Susan, you are such a dear, dear person.

THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANK YOU again. And thank you to all the gals that worked on this doll too.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin Doll TWO

This is the newest Round Robin doll just starting up in April at our Bead Society here in Prescott.

She hasn't given us her name yet, 7 girls have signed up to work on her and I'll be showing her again when she is completed and tell you the winner.

Form made by Ronda Kivett.

Beaded Rock

Finally, my beaded rock is done. If you remember, Ed gave me his sponge he washed his car with and I wrapped it in batting and muslin and started beading away. It wasn't the best form to bead on, too soft, but I managed to get around that and got it finished.

The writing is our favorite song, by Ann Murry, Can I have this dance for the rest of my Life.

Of course it means the world to me now.

Alicia's poncho

Here is a picture of a poncho for my g/daughter in Milwaukee, she loved it. She's such a cutie, she loves all my knitted gifts for her and tell's everyone her Grandma made it for her.

It fit her perfect too.

I"m still knee deep into my knitting too and joined a new group that meets at Cupper's coffee house here in Prescott on Monday afternoons. The girls are all so talented and great fun.

Patches back

Here is the back view of PATCHES.

Hope you enjoy her. We all loved her and she was fun to work on.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin Doll

Thought you would love to see PATCHES, she was our first round robin doll done at the High Desert Bead Society here in Prescott. Doll form made by Ronda Kivett.

Members who worked on her were Ruth Osborne, Cin Hollins, Carol Hettenbach, Alice Perkins, Paulette Smith and Dian Moore. We had a drawing of the girls that worked on her, and Cin Hollins won this beautiful all beaded doll. Way to go Cin.

Here we are at the Tea House in Prescott for Lunch with a friend, Alice Perkins.

We all love lunch there and the hot Xmas tea is just wonderful.

Bonnie's Birthday

Bonnie, Ed's sister from South Dakota was just here for almost two weeks. Here we are at Olive Garden for her Birthday lunch, her favorite place.

It was so fun to have her here. She helped me around the house with some things and had some good times/bad times too. She has been so supportive of me and the kids too during this difficult time and for her too. She called me every day for a long time, just so sweet to me.

She is a BIG TIME shopper and we shopped and ate and shopped and ate the whole time she was here. She is coming back on August, oh boyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,I have to save more pennys for then! She was a joy to have.

Ed would be so happy she came and that she is coming back. They are very much alike.

I"m back!

Well as many of you know, its been a ruff time around here without my 'sweetie'. I miss him more and more as each day goes on, the worse is over I guess, the shock and all. But all my family and friends say its time to move on and get on with life. So, in that vein, time to start posting to my blog again.

I do hope none of you have to loose your loved one's though, its very very hard to carry on, but we must.

My bulbs have been up for some time here in Prescott. Here is a shot of some on the front deck.

We have had a cold spring here so far, that's for sure. I just can't wait for it to warm up to play in the dirt. I know it will be so good for me and I enjoy my flower's so much.