Saturday, May 31, 2008

UFO Cabs are DONE!

This week has been a real challenge here for me, lots of ups and downs!

I'm glad it's over with and lets hope next week is a better week.

Did manage to get the last of the Cabs done and I'm just thrilled. I have a few left but this is all I"m doing for this year for sure.

So here they are, hope you like them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008



And a BIG THANK YOU to all the Soldiers who are fighting in the war to keep us safe and free.

And God bless their families in these uncertain day's.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sweet Peas

And you'll never believe this, but my Sweet Pea's are already blooming from seed.

They certainly love the cooler weather for sure here in Arizona.

Chickeys Dwarf Iris

Just for you Chickey!

Just a loner in my garden.

Another UFO Cuff done

This is an all Seed Bead Cuff with a Button for the focal point.

Now this UFO I had to complete the Seed Bead work, the backing and the edge beading, so it was a long haul for this piece.

This is my last CUFF for this year!

More UFO done

Well we have had a very dark and rainy Memorial Day weekend here in Prescott, Arizona.
North of us has even had many inches of SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness we didnt get any, but we did get flurries.

Here are my UFO's that got finished this week, all they needed was the backing and the edge work. Five more stones done.

Hope you like them.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Awwwwwwwwwwwww, come see us again DIRK!


Isn't he just too cute!

Love you Dirk!

Company today

Well we had a UNIQUE visitor today, Dirk, a dear friend's Bouvier Des Flanders who is l4 months old, YES a puppy!!!!!!! lol His ears have been clipped and most Bouvier's are black and some white, few are gray. Very few have all the color combined like Dirk does, so he is unique even to his breed.

He is so gentle you wouldnt believe he was being so large. Grandpa really liked him and talked a lot about him when he left. It doesnt shed either, amazing. It was a fun time with Dirk here today. Thanks Kim for bringing him. Oh yes, she also told us he only eats 4 cups of dog food a day, amazing since he's so large.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

More UFO's done

And these are Agate Cabs.

Hope your all having a wonderful day, its beautiful here in Prescott, Arizona, in the 80's right now, and my flowers are loving the warmer weather too.

And NO WIND, we always have such bad wind's here, we do enjoy a day without those wind's.

See you next week I hope.

More UFO's done

Well its been a very busy week here and next week looks to be the same.

I did manage to finish up four UFO's that just needed the fringe as I call it around the cabs.
Yes, it's the Bocche stitch, one of my favorites, hope you like them.

These are Jasper Cabs. Hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

And to all you Mom's out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Hope its filled with flowers and chocolates for all of you... These are from my son, Tim!

Make it a great one.

Ocean Jasper Cab

And another UFO done this week.
The cab is Ocean Jasper and my d/h bought me the sterling silver chain for Xmas and said it was for all my cabs.
How amazing he even knew what that meant.
He's a peach!

South African Tree

All look at this, just amazing to me.

South African Tree

Do you see the Rhino?

South African Tree

Isnt this amazing!

South African Tree

Another shot of the tree.

UPDATE TWO: Another friend tells me the tree is in Limpopo Mozambique, it was a Portuguese colony. Mozambique shares borders with South Africa. So there you have it. So glad to find out the real details.

South African Tree

A dear friend sent me these tree pictures because she knows how much I love trees.
They are sure a piece of ART to me, so thought I would share with you guys.
She thinks they were taken in South Africa. They are just amazing to me.

UPDATE: Another gal said she saw this tree at Disney Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida and the inspiration coming from a tree in South Africa. So maybe some of you have seen this in person too. No matter where it is, its just drop dead gorgeous to me!