Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newest Felted Purse

Well here are the last two felted purses for this year.
It was great fun and its time to start working on my Christmas presents for family members.

I've worked on the Asian ladies and these felted purses most of this very hot summer in Prescott.

Hope you like them.

Summer is done and Fall is coming shortly. You wouldn't know it from the weather, we still are into the Monsoon's and hot and humid weather.

Fall will bring transplanting some flowers and bringing them indoor's to keep them for the next year...I sure hate to loose my flowers, they are so wonderful to enjoy. But I do have more time to enjoy them, even until late November. At least we know, another season of wonderful flowers will come.

Enjoy your fall my friends and enjoy life. I sure do still miss my sweetie. sighhhhh

Asian Beaded Lady II

Here is my Asian Lady II. I had a big problem with her, I didnt consider the l/4 inch edge on the frame. Shame on E/less! So had to take a lot of bigger beads out and just made it all look like the background. Live and learn! You'd think I have learned by now! LOL

Hope you enjoy her too. Both of these ladies were done this summer.