Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Fall and Halloween

Well where has the time gone. Can't believe its been over a month since I have posted.

Lots of beading and knitting going on here as usual. I also was gone to my son's in Phoenix for l0 days for my Birthday. I just didn't want to be alone for that, my first LAST without my sweetie.
Ed's sister is coming this Thursday from South Dakota during the Anniversary of his passing, it sure doesn't feel like a whole year to me. I still expect him to come in the kitchen door. sigh

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful fall and a Happy Halloween to you all. We don't get the kids in this subdivision and I miss that. Ed and I always enjoyed seeing the kids all dressed up, it was such good fun.

Soon winter will be here and I hate to loose all my flowers. I did bring in a ton to save in my kitchen and I tell you it looks like a Nursery in the kitchen! Its so good to have a happy face when you walk in the kitchen and start your day. My flower's make me happy.

Hugs E/less