Sunday, October 19, 2008


Look what we have had tonight, yup, a drop dead gorgeous sunset right off our deck.

Thought you would enjoying seeing it too.

Happy October

I sure do love Pumpkins and couldnt resist cutting it up and putting some beautiful flowers I received in them. Aren't they pretty. Just love fall.

Hope you all are having a great fall wherever you are.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arizona Bead Round Robin

And here are the back of Jo's dolls. It was so hard to stop beading and there are two more girls to work on the doll so I had to stop and get them ready to go to Ronda.

What a joy to work on these dolls.

Arizona Bead Round Robin

Here is Jo's Holimans dolls from Payson, Arizona. They were so much fun to bead on I could hardly stop.

Hope you like them Jo.

Seasonal Round Robin

And here is the back of Karols doll.

Seasonal Round Robin

I"m having a wonderful time doing these round robins. Here is Karol Berzins from Fitchburg Ma. Fall doll. She wanted her to look like the fall colors of the East Coast.

I made stacks of beads representing leaves in reds, oranges and golds colors next to brown dirt. I started on the front of the doll and carried around to the back. She was great fun to work on.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alicias Princess Quilt

Well we've been very busy with family coming and going for over two weeks now.

This was a present to our 3 yrs old G/daughter from Milwaukee. As all little girls these day's, she is into the Princess theme for her bedroom too. So of course Grandma had to make her a quilt for her room. Pieced by me and quilted by Gwen McNallan.

Hope you like it, she sure did.