Sunday, September 18, 2011

Storage for Beaded Dolls

Hi Guys:

Another beautiful sunny day in Prescott, in the 80's, no wind and were loving this gorgeous weather.

Some of my friends on my Beaded Art Dolls group on Yahoo wanted to see how I store my dolls.
So, here are a couple pictures. As you see some of my dolls are laying down, have to find more stands for them. I"m not really happy with this set up but its all I have right now. Maybe someday I can find something different.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Potatoe Chip knitting scarf

Okay guys, many of you have asked me to post pictures of this pattern that I have been doing all summer, I have five made now! Trying to use all my Rayon yarn up by making these, they are so easy and you would love to do this pattern if your a knitter.

And the heat has finally broken here, its been such a Hot summer here, very much unlike it should be here, usually in the 90's but we have been in the l00's for days and days. Now were in the 70's this week and all the doors and windows are open. Its so nice to sleep at night under two quilts with the slider open!

Hope you all are enjoying your Fall too!