Monday, September 29, 2008

BAD Seasons Round Robin Dolls

This is the back of Karols Fall Doll.

BAD Seasons Round Robin

This doll belongs to Karol Berzins from Fitchburg Ma. She wanted her Season choice to be Fall. Since we lived on the East Coast before here, I know and saw lots of fall colors on the East Coast which were drop dead beautiful to say the least.

On this doll I tried to makes piles of red, orange and gold leaves stacked using the Boucle stitch against dark brown dirt, also done in l5's hex's. My favorite is l5's hex beads, very small but they look great and nice and neat looking.

I hope Karol likes what I did.

Arizona Beaded Round Robin

This is the back of Nightbeaders Dolls.

Arizona Beaded Round Robin

This is Nightbeaders who lives in Mesa's doll. Anyone that know's me knows I about 'flipped out' when I opened this round for this month and it was my Green Bay Packers doll! How can she expect me to forward! lol

The other Doll is her "A" Doll for Arizona, we were allowed to send two doll's on this round to each of the player's. It worked out fine with all of us.

On the BF Packer Doll I did the stack of green seed beads with gold tops on the bottom of the doll. Also, added medium sized beads around the stack, then did the Boucle stitch using l5 hex seed beads in greens and golds.

On the A Doll Nightbeader wanted Turquoise and Coral beading, so I did the Turquoise chips and filled in with l5's seed beads in Corals.

It was so fun for me to work on these dolls. Hope you enjoy them.

Beaded Black Quilt

Thought you would like to see the last Beaded Black Quilt I made for our High Desert Bead Society here in Prescott. Many members made the blocks for five quilts and I put them together and Marcia Kearns quilted them for us. This is the last one left and I had to take a picture for something else so thought you would like to see it too. They were/are donated to charities in our community.

These squares are all hand beaded using seed beads and other objects.

Hope you enjoy the quilt.

We've had family non/stop for three weeks and were having a wonderful time visiting and taking them to cities around Prescott. They will all be gone soon and it will be very sad to see them go. Then it will be back to creating BIG TIME!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back of Round Robin doll

And here is the back of Kathleen's Tree doll.

Growth Round Robin doll

Well its been some time since I've posted. I really don't have any excuse, just life!

Here is a tree that belongs to Kathleen Chrisman from Mechanicsville, Va. I did the middle and the bottom of the tree trunk on both sides. It doesnt look like a lot but this is about 4 inches tall in beading. As tree's are my favorite in nature, this was a fun project to work on.

Hope you enjoyed what I have done.

I'm also busy working on more round robin dolls, getting ready for once a year sale I"m in, and working on a quilt for my g/daughter who will be here in early October. So you might not see my things for awhile until I get some extra free time. Check back soon though, things change in my life daily!