Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter


Hope the Easter Bunny has come to your house too!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Copper Wire Class

And another gals, it truly was wonderful.

So, thats the show and tell for today.....

Copper Wire Class

Here is Bonnies start, it was beautiful.

Copper Wire Class

Here is my start with all scrap beads, picture really doesn't show the pretty stone in the middle, dang. I'm almost done.

Copper Wire Class with BEads

Here are some Samples of todays class, some beginner bracelets and some advanced after you learn the basics. Class was by Paulette Smith and there were 8 gals there, we all had a fun, fun time. More pictures of bracelets in progress to follow the first picture. We used l4 gauge copper wire for the base and a thinner wire for the stringing of the beads, not too hard of a class and I'll do more of these for sure.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Charity Work

Hey guys, my friend is heading up the Relay for Life Cancer Drive here in Prescott.
I donated some things for the raffle, if you have anything you can donate, we really would appreciate it, beaded dolls, felted purses, jewelry etc. etc. Here is her note to me this morning. I'll attach a picture of what I donated today so you can see. A very good cause for sure.
Thanks for your help.

I am doing fundraising for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and am co-chairing our local event here in the quad cities area of Prescott. We will be having a silent auction on the night of Relay and will feature lovely handmade gifts as well as gifts which are donated through businesses. So far we have an Arizona Sundog’s signed jersey and hockey stick. My friend, Dian, is giving us some beaded jewelry and whatever else I can squeeze out of her! I am a cancer survivor; I lost two brothers to cancer recently, as well as many dear friends and other family members. My 88 year old father was just diagnosed. Cancer is an ugly disease and I feel by volunteering my time that I will in some way be able to say that I helped ‘find a cure’. 100% of the money we raise goes to Research, Education, Advocacy and Patient Services. If anyone has something they would like to donate, please contact me. I will be advertising this auction ahead of time, in hopes of getting a lot of interest. For more information on the Relay go to My team is the Wild Hogz.

Kathy Lathrop


Spring has arrived in Prescott, Arizona

Some flowers from my potted garden, sweet peas from last year, a red tulip, pansies etc.....Its so pretty to see the flowers finally coming up, love my flowers.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pats day

Happy St. Pats Day to you all.

Charity Work

Here is a wonderful project for you to contribute too. Our Bead Society here in Prescott, Arizona is doing this too and its a lot of fun. The Houston Museum is collecting Butterfly's in any art form, to remember all the children who were killed in the Holocaust. More information here:
Check out their website for more rules.

Hope you can contribute a few butterfly's too, dues day is June 2008, there is still time.

These were make by members of the High Desert Bead Society, left clay three made by Cynthia Hollins, two middle blue/teal butterfly's by Nita Burke, bottom pink by Dian Moore, and top right made by Stefania Schollaert.

Freeform Necklace

Another free form necklace I had a great time making. This one is for me. Not sure where I'll wear it, we hardly get dressed up anymore, maybe to the Bead Society meetings or cleaning and dusting! lol

Framed Beaded Heart

This is bead embroidery on 70 Pelon and then framed. I really have gotten into this the last few months and I love it. Its so easy to work on the Pelon, so easy. Had this ready for this Valentines day on our entry table. Freeform pattern. I know I will be doing more of this in the future.

Another passion which really has gone by the wayside since I got into beading, is quilting. This is a very personal quilt for my son Tim who lives in Phoenix. The orange star up towards the top is for the flag of Arizona and a lot of the blocks are southwest in nature, our G for our Green Bay Packers, of which, were so so upset to loose our Brett, sniff, sniff. You have to really be a southwest buff to appreciate the design of this quilt. He loved it and its so him. When he comes up here he loves to take us 'offroad riding', not sure if thats the proper term, but its wonderful to enjoy the nature of the Mts here in Prescott, the water and the tree's in the National Forest. Prescott is truly a world of nature, water, hunting and hiking and clean air. We retired here almost six years ago from the East coast and sure love it, love it, love it.

Just finished this UFO for a Cuff challenge on my Beaded Arts group, they sure get me going getting things done around here. It was great fun and I"m enjoying making more cuff's for sure.

I love to do funky stuff like taking a piece of roving and needle felt it and throw it in the washing machine and see what happens. Then I beaded it and just had fun. Love this technique and I should do more of this too. When do we all get the time to do all we want to do. Fun, fun. fun!

Freeform on Driftwood

And as I love nature, I do love to do freeform beading on driftwood from time to time. This was a great piece and loved how it turned out. My daughter's favorite color is purple, so she received this one Christmas. I plan to do more work like this. In fact, I've been away from it far too long.

Dolls by Rhonda Kivett

Dolls, dolls, dolls, you'd think I was too OLD to play with dolls anymore. My good friend Rhonda Kivett made all these for me, isn't she a peach. You can find her website on my blog.
Thanks so much Rhonda, now I can really play!
And thank you for helping me with my Blog, as you can see I"m posting away all day today! lol

Alicia's sweater

More fiber, I love it, love it, love it, this was a pullover make from the yarn from my own sweater on my Blog, for a g/daughter in Wisconsin, she will look great in it with her dark hair. There is a turtle neck under it.
No pattern, was just a 'wing it' pattern, my most favorite.

And here is my other passion, knitting, a new sweat for E/less. I never could have finished it without the help of my friend Marcia. She just about had to re/write the pattern for me and then again for her. She is such a good friend and always there to help in anyway. I wear it mostly with jeans. I'll always be knitting, my love of fiber is right up their with beading. Thanks Marcia, your the best.

Puzzle Doll

This is the start of my Puzzle Doll bead along on Beaded Arts group on Yahoo. She has to be l00% beaded, done on 70 Pelon and might back it with Timtex to make it stronger. The challenge was the use the color yellow which a lot of gals don't care for, but I do, and you can use one contrast color and I'm using lavender. Progress pictures as me we move along.

Freeform Doll Round Robin

I joined this Round Robin on the Yahoo Beaded Art Doll group and then got really sick and couldn't continue and asked for my doll to be returned. The lovely ladies in the group insisted on finishing the doll even though I couldn't work on the dolls and was in bed for months. These gals in this group are the most caring and loving group you'd every want to know. Members who worked on Priscella are Lynn Manning, Queensland, Australia and she named the doll, Karin Hammel, Falkensee, Germany, JoAnne Owens Fairfield, Pa., Phyllis King, Warrenton NC and Sammy Stafney, Woodburn, Oregon. Mucho thanks, your the best.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Orange Beadalong Doll

This was my doll for the ORANGE BEADALONG on Beaded Art Doll Yahoo Group.