Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animal Round Robin - CAT is home

After several months another Round Robin has finished and here are some pictures of my lovely CAT. Isn't she just darling, I adore all the different colors.

She will join the other 'girls' under my Pencil Xmas tree.

Thanks to all the girls below for doing such a beautiful, beautiful job on my CAT. I couldn't be more thrilled with her.

Phyllis King - Warrenton, NCarolina
Veila Antila - San Marcos, California
Sassy Osborne - Dewey, Arizona
Shirley Kelliher - Prescott, Arizona

Form was made by Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley, Arizona
Face made by Christine M of England


Ralonda said...

What a pretty Kitty!

Christina Wright said...

hello... I have just come to you via Jodie Marshall's blog, and the creator of your newest doll forms in the shape of kittys...
She has a link to your blog, for us to see what U have done with them...
Then I looked through your older
posts, and found this post with a
beautiful beaded kitty form...
with the beautiful little kitty face... I would love to get a little kitty face in black with yellow/gold eyes. How can I get in contact with the kitty face artist???
I call myself Black Cat Gallery Traveling Art & Accouterments,
and my husband & I have 6 cats... 3 of them are black.
I have thought of doing a godess cat, in black to be my traveling mascott...
You do not need to post this comment, I just figured it would be the easyest way to contact U.
You may e-mail me at..., or comment to
me at my blog which is...
www.blackcatgallerytravelingart. I look forward
to seeing what U plan to do with the purple kitty form...
please let me know how to get hold
of the kitty face artist...
thank U, Christina Wright, fellow
bead artist in Lincoln Nebraska...