Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back of Round Robin doll

Here is the back of the round robin doll for the HDBS.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin

Here is my work on the HDBS Round robin doll. She was great fun. I did everything but the head which Sassy did, a/k/a Ruth Osborne. Form done by our own Rhonda Kivett. We will have a drawing of all the ladies working on her and that girl will WIN the doll. How lucky she will be.
Hope you enjoy her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cancer Society

Here's a good way to make a donation to Cancer and have a chance to win a drop dead gorgeous doll. Its very easy if you have Pay Pal and we sure need a cure for all of us.

Thanks so much.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Second Crazy quilt doll

Another side of her.

And that's the ending of todays posts.....Hope you see you all this weekend.

Have a great week.

Second Crazy quilt doll

And here is here backside.

Crazy quilt doll

Here is the second crazy quilt doll I have been working on.

Although it was creative for sure, I like doing the all beaded stuffed dolls best.

So I"ll go back to that, but this was a good experience too.

Hope you like her.

Pegs Healing doll side

Here is the side of Pegs Healing doll

Pegs Healing doll

And here is Pegs Healing Doll' back

Peg's Healing crazy quilt doll

Well it hasnt been a good week here.

One of my dear friends here is having major surgery and just found out.

I was working on this crazy quilt doll yesterday and thought maybe Peg would enjoy a Healing Doll. So here she is.....She was done yesterday and gone to her by 4pm. I hope she enjoys it and it helps her through yet another journey of life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Funky Tree Doll Stand

Well look what I found the other day shopping, a wonderful Funky Tree Stand for my Free Form Doll who's name is Priscella. Its made of hard wire that is covered and has a little wire wrap that goes around her waist, not sure that show's in this pictures but its just perfect for her. So now she has a nice place in our home and I love her in it. She says she feels right at home in it too. VBG

New Stuffed Dolls

Well its been some time since I have had time to post but thought you would like to see yet another new project, like I need one!!!!!! LOL

These are my first attempt at making and stuffing my own doll forms for beading. My friend, Rhonda Kivett came and was gracious enough to show me how she makes her dolls and how hard to stuff them. Believe me, those are some hard stuffed forms, thanks so much Rhonda, your the best.