Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jungle Round Robin Doll

Well guess who's home just before Christmas, my Jungle Round Robin Doll from my BAD yahoo group....Isn't she something else, I just adore her.

Thank you to all the gals that worked on her. Sassy from Dewey, Arizona, Gail from Montana, Sherry from Va., Joetta from Indiana, and our sweet MOM Arydell from the BAD group, thanks to all of you from my bottom of my heart. She is a JOY to have.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday Season.

Kids will be coming home from Phoenix and kids from Wisconsin can't come this year, sniff, sniff. Will be good to have someone home with me though. Have the house all decorated and outside lights on and presents ready. So Grandma is all ready and very excited.

Now I"m enjoying the holiday Xmas parties of which are many! VBG

Hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Victorian Round robin doll

And here are the backs of the dolls.

I forgot to say my Amy is on the left in beiges beads and Shirleys is on the right.

Thank you gals once again, wonderful to have her home.

Victorian Round robin doll

Where has the time gone, seems I just can't get here to post.

Here is the newest Round robin doll home, theme: Victorian.

Girls that worked on her are: Susan Feldkamp Mesa, Sassy Osborne Dewey, Shirley Kelliher Prescott.
There was a lot of work for these girls to do and they certainly did a wonderful job on my AMY. Isn't she just so beautiful and I adore her.

Thank you to all the gals from the bottom of my heart. Form made by Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley

I"m also posting a picture of Shirleys visited doll, isn't she beautiful too. Shirley said not to do her arm's, she wanted to do something special with those arms. Doll form also made by Ronda Kivett, Prescott.