Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Creation for summer 2011

And here is the front of my tree.

New Creation for summer 2011

Well summer is still here in Prescott, Arizona. It has been hot, hot, and very humid the whole summer, many many days over l00 and not much time spent on my deck this year, only in the early mornings and you all know I'm not a early person! VBG

Life goes on and I have decided to try and sell my house and move to something smaller, I hope this is the right decision, right or wrong, I'm carrying on with the sale and see how it goes. So far, I have had a lot of traffic but no offers.
I plan to stay in the Prescott area only in a much smaller place.

Here is a new creation by me, my own original design of my interpretation of a Goddess of the Forest. I drew her on paper and sent to to our doll maker in Prescott Valley, Ronda Kivett, she made the tree for me many years ago and I finally got her done, she is partially beaded and I like her that way. She was great fun to work on and I love her, I hope you do too. All hand beaded, sequins, various stones and a hot sun on her back for the hot summer we have had here!