Monday, April 28, 2008

Fiber on the Rock/sponge

Well today was an unexpected fun day for me. Kept looking at that rock/sponge and thought, it need something else, something was missing, etc. etc. Finally dawned on me it needed some kewl fiber to make me excited. I knew I wanted warm colors and looked through my stash of yarn and didnt have the right one, so I make my own out of several color's I had. It was great fun to play with the fiber and now it looks much better to me and ready to go. Hope you like it too.

Love days like this.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Neighbors New Pets

Well now look at what our neighbor Tom found on the side of his house, baby coyotes.
They are so dang cute, he said he has an eye on them, maybe we'll get more pictures of them growing up.

Just had to share.

Bottom of Sponge

Glued the back of the sponge with a navy ultra suede fabric I had in my stash.

Next will be the beading part.

Wont be for awhile I"m sure, but its all ready to go.

Wrapping the Sponge

Wrapped the sponge in Warm and Natural Batting and then wrapped it in Muslin.

Sponge/Rock/New Project

Well as I am this type of person, another NEW PROJECT, is in the works.

A new Beaded Rock, a/k/a Sponge!

I really wanted to bead a rock, but because ARTHUR doesn't like to hold heavy rocks a friend on BAD suggested a sponge, how kewl is that. So Ed, my d/h gave me his sponge for washing the car. I was so excited, just a little sponge, yup, but it will mean a lot to me as it was his and I"m doing this project. I"m posting how I started this so you can see if you would like to do your own rock someday. I sure hope it works out the way I plan for it to work out. I really dont know when I can start this, but at least its started. This picture is of the sponge that I started out with.

Enjoy the process.


Well I ran into a shop because I was early for lunch and look what I found, a new basket.
To me it was pure ART. There isn't much in life that I have to have, well except beads, but I had to have this.

Right now its on my living room table, but it could easily be on the kitchen table too or on the wall somewhere, lots of uses for this.

Halina Framed

Here is Halina framed. She was a "Bead a Long" on my Beaded Art Yahoo group, the challenge was the use of the color yellow which most gals dont like, for me, it wasn't a problem, I love yellow.
Hope you like her.

Friday, April 18, 2008

UFO done

Here is another UFO just completed this week. It was a Fiber Bag class by Rowena Tank here in Prescott, Arizona. I think I took the class about two years ago. I'm determined to get all my UFO's DONE this year.

This was done with fibers on a loom, learned about Warp, Weft, Tabby, Shed Stick, Beating etc etc. Then the fiber ends that stuck out were all hand beaded. There is a LOT of beading on this purse. A great learning experience for sure.

Blue Scrap Sweater

Here is my other passion, knitting.

This is a scrap sweater I'm making for myself in light, medium and dark blue's. I thought the blue's would be great to wear with jeans. I just took about two yards of each color and tied them together and am knitting away.

I have no idea how it will turn out, the fun of it all!

Color Inspiration

Boy, doesn't COLOR just give you 'inspiration to create', it sure does for me.

How YUMMY are these color's!


Some of my BAD friends wanted to see my Skull thats been outdoors for a couple years.
He waiting for a certain person to bead him, but she hasn't gotten around to him yet!


Well its been a pretty Spring here in Prescott, a little cooler than normal but the warmer weather will be here in no time.

Here is a picture of my Lambs Ear that came back from last year, its doing so well just had to share.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet Peas

And some sweet peas that came up from last year.
I have no idea if they reseed themselves, or are they just the roots from last year.
There up very early, maybe someone will tell me.

Cactus Blooming

Thought you would enjoy seeing a Cactus that is blooming in the kitchen window, its from a friend of mine, its the best cactus, blooms every couple of months.

UFO - Cuff

And here is another Cuff done.

More UFO's

Well its gorgeous here in Prescott, over 70 here today and we spent most of the day on the deck.
The flowers sure love this cooler weather. I've had a tomato plant in the house and it went outside today for a 'sun tan', he is very happy now!

Here's some UFO's I got done this week. More to do next week!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grand Caynon

Okay, this is the End.
I have had trouble with Blogger tonight,,I hope this all uploads okay.........

You probably have had enuf of Arizona....

Now back to beading!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arizona Country

I did NOT like my g/son sitting on the edge,,,,,,,,,,ughhhhhhhhh

Arizona Country

And more of the GC

Arizona Country

Grand Caynon

Grand Caynon

Well I see my other posts didnt show up,,,,,so here we go again,,,,,,,pictures of the GC.

Grand Caynon

Thats it guys,,,,,,,hope you enjoyed the show of my Arizona..

Grand Caynon

Roots from Arizona

Roots from Arizona

Roots from Arizona

And here are my ROOTS pictures for my ROOTS friends.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off Road in Arizona

THE END for today, more to come in the next few days.

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Off Road in Arizona

Okay, here are the Off Road pictures I promised some BAD, Beaded Art Doll, friends.

The start of these pictures are about l0 minuted from our house and going up the Mt. about maybe an hour.

Hope you enjoy our Arizona as much as we do.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sedona trip

This is the END of the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed the trip/along!

Sedona trip

Sedona trip

Sedona trip

BEADS, BEADS, BEAD Stash!!!!!!!!!

Sedona trip

Sedona - April 2008

Okay guys, here's some pictures of beautiful Sedona, the bead shop where we stopped for some 'stash' and lunch and some Art shops. They wouldnt let us take pictures inside of the Art. sigh. It all was just beautiful and I'd go again today if I wasnt so tired from it all. But I did good for four hours, now that is good for me. Oh yes, and some 'dead tree's' for the dead tree friends! LOL
YOu know who you are!


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prescott Arizona sunsets

This one was in June 2004. Guess that year were the best Sunsets here in Prescott.
I picked the best ones and this year was it.

Okay, enuf Sunsets.

Prescott Arizona sunsets

This was also that same night in August 2004.
Was just a drop dead night of color.

Prescott Arizona sunsets

This one was in August 2004.

Arizona Country

Okay, Phyllis from my BAD Art Doll yahoo group, this is just for you!

Here are some Sunsets from our own back deck in Prescott, Arizona. They are drop dead gorgoues in person, all colors that you could imagine.