Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy New Years

Well where has all the time gone! The Holidays have come and gone and all the kids were home for Holidays and now gone home to their own lifes.

I started the New Year by being a Snow BIRD in Phoenix, so here we are for two months enjoying the warmer weather. Our beautiful Prescott, is covered with snow and I"m glad to be here.

I"m working out 3 times a week at a local pool in Scottsdale in preparation for hip replacement in late March, yup, "Clarissa" needs a new part, how could she fail me! ugh

Here is a new Bead Embroidery piece for the new year. It was an old Sailboat pin I have always loved and didn't wear too many times, why, I don't know, I do love it, so I made it into a Beaded Embroidery necklace. It took over a month to complete and I adore the Bead Embroidery part the best! Hope you like it too.