Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DVD Player

Ed served as a board member on our Subdivision Association.

They made a wonderful donation of a DVD player to the Dialysis Center here in Prescott, Arizona.
They also purchased cards from Blockbusters for movie rental for the patients receiving dialysis at the center. Each patient has their own little TV to watch and will now be watching DVD movies in memory of Ed.

So what I'm doing now is trying to keep the DVD donations coming to my house so the patients will keep getting new movies in the future. I"ll take them down to the Dialysis center for the patients.

So if any of YOU have any DVD's you dont care to use anymore, would you please send them to my house for the dialysis patients?

You have my heartfelt gratitude for doing this for Ed and me. Thank you. thank you, thank you.

Here is a picture of the DVD they installed at the dialysis center here in Prescott


Well as many of you know I lost my sweetheart on October 28th, 2008.

Ed died in my arms from a blood clot, he went very quick and in no pain.

It really was such a shock to our family and friends because he really didn't die of any of his medical problems. I don't know how I'll get along without my 'BEST FRIEND". As I was his caretaker for six years, my life is very empty right now.

With the help of my family and friends I haven't been alone for much more than a couple days since this happened and I"m so happy for all of them and all their help. More company is coming mid January and then in the spring.

And I want to thank everyone for all the lovely emails, notes, cards, and loving concerns for our whole family during these most difficult times.

Here is a picture of Ed in early October 2008, hard to believe he really is gone.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Look what we have had tonight, yup, a drop dead gorgeous sunset right off our deck.

Thought you would enjoying seeing it too.

Happy October

I sure do love Pumpkins and couldnt resist cutting it up and putting some beautiful flowers I received in them. Aren't they pretty. Just love fall.

Hope you all are having a great fall wherever you are.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Arizona Bead Round Robin

And here are the back of Jo's dolls. It was so hard to stop beading and there are two more girls to work on the doll so I had to stop and get them ready to go to Ronda.

What a joy to work on these dolls.

Arizona Bead Round Robin

Here is Jo's Holimans dolls from Payson, Arizona. They were so much fun to bead on I could hardly stop.

Hope you like them Jo.

Seasonal Round Robin

And here is the back of Karols doll.

Seasonal Round Robin

I"m having a wonderful time doing these round robins. Here is Karol Berzins from Fitchburg Ma. Fall doll. She wanted her to look like the fall colors of the East Coast.

I made stacks of beads representing leaves in reds, oranges and golds colors next to brown dirt. I started on the front of the doll and carried around to the back. She was great fun to work on.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alicias Princess Quilt

Well we've been very busy with family coming and going for over two weeks now.

This was a present to our 3 yrs old G/daughter from Milwaukee. As all little girls these day's, she is into the Princess theme for her bedroom too. So of course Grandma had to make her a quilt for her room. Pieced by me and quilted by Gwen McNallan.

Hope you like it, she sure did.

Monday, September 29, 2008

BAD Seasons Round Robin Dolls

This is the back of Karols Fall Doll.

BAD Seasons Round Robin

This doll belongs to Karol Berzins from Fitchburg Ma. She wanted her Season choice to be Fall. Since we lived on the East Coast before here, I know and saw lots of fall colors on the East Coast which were drop dead beautiful to say the least.

On this doll I tried to makes piles of red, orange and gold leaves stacked using the Boucle stitch against dark brown dirt, also done in l5's hex's. My favorite is l5's hex beads, very small but they look great and nice and neat looking.

I hope Karol likes what I did.

Arizona Beaded Round Robin

This is the back of Nightbeaders Dolls.

Arizona Beaded Round Robin

This is Nightbeaders who lives in Mesa's doll. Anyone that know's me knows I about 'flipped out' when I opened this round for this month and it was my Green Bay Packers doll! How can she expect me to forward! lol

The other Doll is her "A" Doll for Arizona, we were allowed to send two doll's on this round to each of the player's. It worked out fine with all of us.

On the BF Packer Doll I did the stack of green seed beads with gold tops on the bottom of the doll. Also, added medium sized beads around the stack, then did the Boucle stitch using l5 hex seed beads in greens and golds.

On the A Doll Nightbeader wanted Turquoise and Coral beading, so I did the Turquoise chips and filled in with l5's seed beads in Corals.

It was so fun for me to work on these dolls. Hope you enjoy them.

Beaded Black Quilt

Thought you would like to see the last Beaded Black Quilt I made for our High Desert Bead Society here in Prescott. Many members made the blocks for five quilts and I put them together and Marcia Kearns quilted them for us. This is the last one left and I had to take a picture for something else so thought you would like to see it too. They were/are donated to charities in our community.

These squares are all hand beaded using seed beads and other objects.

Hope you enjoy the quilt.

We've had family non/stop for three weeks and were having a wonderful time visiting and taking them to cities around Prescott. They will all be gone soon and it will be very sad to see them go. Then it will be back to creating BIG TIME!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back of Round Robin doll

And here is the back of Kathleen's Tree doll.

Growth Round Robin doll

Well its been some time since I've posted. I really don't have any excuse, just life!

Here is a tree that belongs to Kathleen Chrisman from Mechanicsville, Va. I did the middle and the bottom of the tree trunk on both sides. It doesnt look like a lot but this is about 4 inches tall in beading. As tree's are my favorite in nature, this was a fun project to work on.

Hope you enjoyed what I have done.

I'm also busy working on more round robin dolls, getting ready for once a year sale I"m in, and working on a quilt for my g/daughter who will be here in early October. So you might not see my things for awhile until I get some extra free time. Check back soon though, things change in my life daily!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back of Round Robin doll

Here is the back of the round robin doll for the HDBS.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin

Here is my work on the HDBS Round robin doll. She was great fun. I did everything but the head which Sassy did, a/k/a Ruth Osborne. Form done by our own Rhonda Kivett. We will have a drawing of all the ladies working on her and that girl will WIN the doll. How lucky she will be.
Hope you enjoy her.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cancer Society

Here's a good way to make a donation to Cancer and have a chance to win a drop dead gorgeous doll. Its very easy if you have Pay Pal and we sure need a cure for all of us.

Thanks so much.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Second Crazy quilt doll

Another side of her.

And that's the ending of todays posts.....Hope you see you all this weekend.

Have a great week.

Second Crazy quilt doll

And here is here backside.

Crazy quilt doll

Here is the second crazy quilt doll I have been working on.

Although it was creative for sure, I like doing the all beaded stuffed dolls best.

So I"ll go back to that, but this was a good experience too.

Hope you like her.

Pegs Healing doll side

Here is the side of Pegs Healing doll

Pegs Healing doll

And here is Pegs Healing Doll' back

Peg's Healing crazy quilt doll

Well it hasnt been a good week here.

One of my dear friends here is having major surgery and just found out.

I was working on this crazy quilt doll yesterday and thought maybe Peg would enjoy a Healing Doll. So here she is.....She was done yesterday and gone to her by 4pm. I hope she enjoys it and it helps her through yet another journey of life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Funky Tree Doll Stand

Well look what I found the other day shopping, a wonderful Funky Tree Stand for my Free Form Doll who's name is Priscella. Its made of hard wire that is covered and has a little wire wrap that goes around her waist, not sure that show's in this pictures but its just perfect for her. So now she has a nice place in our home and I love her in it. She says she feels right at home in it too. VBG

New Stuffed Dolls

Well its been some time since I have had time to post but thought you would like to see yet another new project, like I need one!!!!!! LOL

These are my first attempt at making and stuffing my own doll forms for beading. My friend, Rhonda Kivett came and was gracious enough to show me how she makes her dolls and how hard to stuff them. Believe me, those are some hard stuffed forms, thanks so much Rhonda, your the best.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tabletopper Quilted

Well here is another UFO done. It was a tin of square by Moda and pieced and sewn and machine quilted by me. It was a nice and easy fast and fun project.

Hope you like it too. It can be used on a end table or anywhere you would like.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin

The High Desert Bead Society is doing this round robin starting this Saturday at our meeting.
Six ladies will bead on her and then we'll put their names in a basket and drawing the winning name to win the doll completely hand beaded. It should be tons of fun.

The girls that will be beading on her are:

Ruth Osborne, Dian Moore, Paulette Smith, Paula Euell, and Alice Perkins, all of the Prescott and surrounding area's.

Good luck girls in this fun project. I will be posting updates on this doll as it goes around.

Doll form made by our own Rhonda Kivett. Thanks Rhonda, great doll.

Back of Global Warming doll

And here is her back.

Global Warming Doll

This is a doll for our Global Warming Doll Bead along on my BAD yahoo group.
It was headed up by Robin Atkins, one of her dreams to do someday and thought we all would like to contribute to her cause...

The form was made for me by Susan Feldcamp, a bead friend from Mesa Arizona and is made of felt. It was fun to bead on felt, I never did this before. Thank you Susan for such a wonderful gift.

The bottom of the snow is all in various colors of white, in ll' seed beads

And the tips of the branches are called ICE in l5's, love those l5's for my dolls.

It was a fun project.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alicia's Princess Quilt

Here is a picture of my g/daughter's Alicia's Princess quilt. Aren't all little girls into this Princess theme these days!

My daughter picked out the fabric and now have to wait for my turn with the machine quilter.

Alicia will love it for sure. Its smaller than a twin size, more like a throw for over her bed. The quilting will really really make this quilt. I can't wait to get it quilted.

Quilted table runners

And here are some pictures of two quilted table runners I finally got the bindings on.
I've had them for many, many, months, another UFO done.

Machine quilting by: Gwen McNallan, Prescott, Arizona

Progress on Rock

Well I thought it was time you saw some pictures of my Beaded Rock, which as you saw many posts ago, it really is my d/h's sponge he used to wash his car with.

Its going very slow for me because I hardly have time to work on this. But hopefully, by posting some progress pictures, it will keep me going.

Hope you like it, its great fun to work on and I have no idea where it all is going!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Rose of Sharon

Well I was just going to the sewing/beading room and looked at my flower garden and thought you all have to see my Rose of Sharon, its getting so tall and the best blooms we have had yet since we lived here, which is 6 years this past June. We have to keep wire around them because of the deer, arent they everywhere!

HAPPY 4th of July


Please keep our soldiers in your prayers in these uncertain times.

Were going to a 4th of July party later tonight when the sun sets, listen to music there, they all play different instruments and then watch the fireworks.

Hope you all have a safe 4th of July.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Southwest Queen Head

And here is her head all beaded in l5's.

New Round Robin

This little Star will go with the Santa, we can send two items.
So Santa will have a Star to go along with him!

New Round Robin

Well its been a very busy week this week for sure.
This is a new Round Robin thats starting up and I'm sending this Santa. I love him.
The face was made by Maggie from my BAD Yahoo group and Rhonda Kivett make the form.
He will be gone for months and months and won't even be back for Christmas, sniff, sniff.
I hope he comes back looking like an "Old World Santa".

Monday, June 23, 2008

Applique Butterflies

And I was telling my long time friend "Hersheybar" about this project and she asked her applique group if they would make some.

Now just look at these, aren't they just darling.

Artists all over the world are making Butterflies! Makes me happy!

Nassau Appliquers, North Merrick, L.I. New York, way to go ladies, you did a great job too!

Butterfly Project

The High Desert Bead Society just finished up a wonderful special program for the Houston Museum.

In an effort to remember l,500,00 children who where killed in the Holocaust they are asking Artist to make butterflies. They will be a breath-taking exhibit when its done. The due date was the end of June but they are extending it, not sure how long, so there is still time if any of you Artists would love to participate. More details here:

Here is the picture of the butterflies flying to Houston this week. Most of ours are all hand beaded, some painted. Thanks again to all the members who participated in this great exhibit.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sul's back

And here is the back of SUL!

Sul - my healing doll

Here is Sul, my healing doll from a class I took on my BAD yahoo group. She was a joy to work on for sure and I can't tell you how much I learned from her. You can read below in my blog most of why I made her and why.

But just to review a little, the sword charm is the knife that went thru my liver and caused me all this medical grief for almost a year now. Colors of reds in Sul for the courage to go on, the pastel colors meaning calm and to try and keep calm thru all this recovery, lots of greens for my new life and try and achieve harmony and balance in it, the frog for my transition back into real life and out of being sick, the garden theme and the earth on the bottom of her and roots for me to be nurtured, rocks leaves and the writing of her name on the doll for healing.

And a very special thank you again to our wonderful teacher Kristen Evans, a very very knowledgeable teacher to say the least, she truly has refreshed my outlook on life now. I want to continue in this avenue of symbolic teachings so to speak and work out more of ME thru my rock. I think that would be a great way to continue on with this journey. And the best part of all this, it was so FUNNNNNNNNN! Thank you, thank you Kristen again.

And I thought of something that my Dad told me years and years ago, "NEVER, NEVER STOP LEARNING DIAN, ALWAYS TAKE CLASSES ON SOMETHING, ANYTHING, YOU WON'T BE SORRY" Boy, those words sure ring true for me today!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Round Robin Doll

Here is my new Southwest Queen. She will be leaving me soon for a round robin on my BAD yahoo group. There are seven gals who will work on her, so she will be gone from me for 7 longgggggggg months!

She will be so beautiful when she comes back, I just know she will.

I dont have a name for her yet.

Form made by Rhonda Kivett.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

SUL's back

And here is SUL's back so far.

That FROG looks so big! LOL

SUL's progress

And I've been working a lot on SUL, my healing doll, this week.
Here are some progress pictures of her front.
I really am enjoying the process.

This was a class as I said last week from my BAD group.

I wasn't going to take it because I had so many other things to do and then I thought, life is too short, you should have fun too, so I dropped everything. She has been a joy to work on.

Thank you Kristen for the class.

UFO's for this week

And here is my work for this week.
Three cooper wire bracelets made from a class I took from Paulette Smith.

Hope you like them. I have more to work on this next week.

This is a great project to use one of a kind beads that you have laying in your bead boxes.

Wedding necklace

I was at the High Desert Bead Society Board meeting last week and just had to take a picture of this Wedding Necklace Paulette Smith made for her future DIL. It is just drop dead gorgeous with beautiful silver too. I'm sure her DIL will love it.

More Flowers

And my Shasta daisies are so pretty and the birds carry the seeds all around and now I have many more in different places I never dreamed they would come up. Thank you to the birds!

More flowers

This is my first experience with Lambs Ear too. I went with a dear friend to a Nursing home and they had these for the residents there to feel, feels just like velvet, I never knew they bloomed and I'm getting a lavender flower. How fun.

More Flowers June 2008

And my beautiful Dahlias, first year I have had these.
The nursery said to just put them in the garage for the winter and bring them out in the Spring. I sure hope it works. My first experience with these.

Reminds me of football Mums.