Friday, April 24, 2009

Phoenix Trip

More off road

Phoenix trip

Would you believe this!!!!!!!!

More of off road!

Phoenix Trip

Weather here was very very hot when I got here but now its just beautiful the last couple of days.

Here's more off road pictures.


Phoenix Trip

Well I"m in Phoenix at my son's for this whole week. We really had a good time, lots of shopping and eating and relaxing.

Here are some off road pictures, hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pansies from Last year

Well you won't believe this, but these pansies are all from last year's planting. Yup, they are standing high in the cold days we have been having and very happy to do so. Thought you would like to see too.

Well that is for posting today.

I continue to be in lots of round robins, so more dolls to come in the future. I am waiting for a very very special Southwest doll to come home to me. She should be here soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful holidays coming up soon and hope your all with your loved ones. Hugs them strong and long and be happy. Take care now and see you all very soon again.

Goddess of my Garden Doll - Back

And here is the back of the Goddess of my Garden doll.
First time I did a doll that wasn't completely beaded and it was a new challenge to do.

Hope you enjoy her as much as I loved making her.

Goddess of my Garden Doll

I was working on this doll myself when Ronda Kivetts doll came to my house in the Arizona Round Robin. I can't remember who did the flowers on the bottom, but when I saw this, I just had to have something similar on this doll too. Ronda gave me permission to use it too for this doll although mine is a little different.

YOu all know how I love my flowers, so it was perfect for what I was beading at the time. The hair is very very full and took me over a week to do. I so love doing hair, I think that is my favorite part of the doll.

Hope you enjoy her too.

Form made by Ronda Kivett and beaded by me.

Santa's back

And this is the back of Santa. Isn't the work just fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed all the work too.

Arizona Round Robin - My Doll

This is my completed Santa Doll that I send out last year in the Arizona Round Robin.

Form made by Ronda Kivett and face made by Maggie Walker from Canada. I just loved this Santa face and purchased it from her and of course Ronda loves to make forms so I never have a problem getting wonderful work from these girl's.

Beaders who worked on Santa are: Sandra Gill Payson, Joye Holiman Payson, Susan Feldkamp Mesa, Crystal Fox, Sun City, Julie Jones, Gilbert, Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley.

Thankyou girlfriends, your the best.

Brett's back

Here is the back view of Brett's Doll by the Arizona Round Robin girlfriends!

Were doing another round now, so when my completed doll comes home, you will see her too.

How much fun all this beading is, what would I do without all this beading, knitting, family and friends!

Brett Farve doll

This week I got a GIFT PKG in the mail of this Brett Farve doll and cheese head. Can you even believe it, I about fainted when I opened the pkg and was crying and crying.

It was from a Arizona Round Robin we have here in Arizona, any resident of Arizona can play.

The girls who worked on this doll are: Sanda Gill of Payson, Joyce Holiman of Payson, Crystal Fox of Sun City, Julie Jones of Gilbert, Dian Moore of Prescott, Susan Feldkamp of Mesa. and Ronda Kivett, Prescott Valley.

And it was Susan's form and she gifted it to me. Now isn't she the best friend a girl could have. I still can't believe how gracious she is to give it to me. I can't thank you enough Susan, you are such a dear, dear person.

THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANK YOU again. And thank you to all the gals that worked on this doll too.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin Doll TWO

This is the newest Round Robin doll just starting up in April at our Bead Society here in Prescott.

She hasn't given us her name yet, 7 girls have signed up to work on her and I'll be showing her again when she is completed and tell you the winner.

Form made by Ronda Kivett.

Beaded Rock

Finally, my beaded rock is done. If you remember, Ed gave me his sponge he washed his car with and I wrapped it in batting and muslin and started beading away. It wasn't the best form to bead on, too soft, but I managed to get around that and got it finished.

The writing is our favorite song, by Ann Murry, Can I have this dance for the rest of my Life.

Of course it means the world to me now.

Alicia's poncho

Here is a picture of a poncho for my g/daughter in Milwaukee, she loved it. She's such a cutie, she loves all my knitted gifts for her and tell's everyone her Grandma made it for her.

It fit her perfect too.

I"m still knee deep into my knitting too and joined a new group that meets at Cupper's coffee house here in Prescott on Monday afternoons. The girls are all so talented and great fun.

Patches back

Here is the back view of PATCHES.

Hope you enjoy her. We all loved her and she was fun to work on.

High Desert Bead Society Round Robin Doll

Thought you would love to see PATCHES, she was our first round robin doll done at the High Desert Bead Society here in Prescott. Doll form made by Ronda Kivett.

Members who worked on her were Ruth Osborne, Cin Hollins, Carol Hettenbach, Alice Perkins, Paulette Smith and Dian Moore. We had a drawing of the girls that worked on her, and Cin Hollins won this beautiful all beaded doll. Way to go Cin.

Here we are at the Tea House in Prescott for Lunch with a friend, Alice Perkins.

We all love lunch there and the hot Xmas tea is just wonderful.

Bonnie's Birthday

Bonnie, Ed's sister from South Dakota was just here for almost two weeks. Here we are at Olive Garden for her Birthday lunch, her favorite place.

It was so fun to have her here. She helped me around the house with some things and had some good times/bad times too. She has been so supportive of me and the kids too during this difficult time and for her too. She called me every day for a long time, just so sweet to me.

She is a BIG TIME shopper and we shopped and ate and shopped and ate the whole time she was here. She is coming back on August, oh boyyyyyyyyyy,,,,,I have to save more pennys for then! She was a joy to have.

Ed would be so happy she came and that she is coming back. They are very much alike.

I"m back!

Well as many of you know, its been a ruff time around here without my 'sweetie'. I miss him more and more as each day goes on, the worse is over I guess, the shock and all. But all my family and friends say its time to move on and get on with life. So, in that vein, time to start posting to my blog again.

I do hope none of you have to loose your loved one's though, its very very hard to carry on, but we must.

My bulbs have been up for some time here in Prescott. Here is a shot of some on the front deck.

We have had a cold spring here so far, that's for sure. I just can't wait for it to warm up to play in the dirt. I know it will be so good for me and I enjoy my flower's so much.