Thursday, March 20, 2008

Charity Work

Hey guys, my friend is heading up the Relay for Life Cancer Drive here in Prescott.
I donated some things for the raffle, if you have anything you can donate, we really would appreciate it, beaded dolls, felted purses, jewelry etc. etc. Here is her note to me this morning. I'll attach a picture of what I donated today so you can see. A very good cause for sure.
Thanks for your help.

I am doing fundraising for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life and am co-chairing our local event here in the quad cities area of Prescott. We will be having a silent auction on the night of Relay and will feature lovely handmade gifts as well as gifts which are donated through businesses. So far we have an Arizona Sundog’s signed jersey and hockey stick. My friend, Dian, is giving us some beaded jewelry and whatever else I can squeeze out of her! I am a cancer survivor; I lost two brothers to cancer recently, as well as many dear friends and other family members. My 88 year old father was just diagnosed. Cancer is an ugly disease and I feel by volunteering my time that I will in some way be able to say that I helped ‘find a cure’. 100% of the money we raise goes to Research, Education, Advocacy and Patient Services. If anyone has something they would like to donate, please contact me. I will be advertising this auction ahead of time, in hopes of getting a lot of interest. For more information on the Relay go to My team is the Wild Hogz.

Kathy Lathrop