Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Symbolic meaning of my doll

Many of you know what happened to me here in Prescott last year with my medical issues, but I think a lot don't either, so I'll tell you what I hope to achieve by making Sul as a "healing doll".

The the green doll is for a garden of healing. I plan to use honeysuckle flowers on her somewhere, thought about doing coraling for the honeysuckle flowers but not sure that would look good coming out of a small doll, but we'll see, honeysuckle is for 'letting go of the past', which I hope this doll does for me.
This whole project is to try and LET GO of a bad situation that happened to me in the hospital last year, a nothing liver biopsy that went terribly wrong and the Doctor who did it almost killed me, effecting many many serious organs that have had to heal for months and months.........Long story short, when you almost die, it just upsets your whole being and I have to get over it. Right now the only thing I'm left with and isnt healed is my heart, was just on a heart monitor for two days Fridayand Saturday at home and its the pits, but the medication isnt working, so they have to find out why, there hoping this post traumatic stress my body is going thru right now is only temporary, its from all of this stuff from last August, it could be a year or more before I'm all well. BUt I have to work thru it and accept it all and stop being angry about it all etc. Enuf said. So thats what I hope working on Sul will do for me.
Plan to use red somewhere as it means courage and action, I have to have the courage to get over this and move on, and by moving on, that to me is taking action.
Plan to use pastels somewhere as they are calming and cause tranquility, boy do I need that.

Greens/and/dirt/roots to nurture me in the garden as they mean new life, which I need a new life, I need to start over well again, harmony and balance which I need badly too.
Pinks are for innocence and I went to the hospital and was very innocent going and trusted them completely! ugh

Some gemstones I should use but not sure I have them, amethyst for peace of mind, aquarine for serenity, coral for life force, onyx for protection from stress, man I really should buy that onyx, rose quartz for inner peace, that too for sure..........

Frogs for transition in life, and I"m certainly there now, and I do have a frog.

I have a beaded figure of a liver and will have a sword thru it or a knife or some such thing. No one will know whats thats about!

For healing I need rocks, stone, wood, buttons leaves, quotes, ribbons or writing on the doll. Hope to write LETTING GO somewhere on the doll.
So thats my plan for right now, all subject to change as I bead and things either work well or dont work well and you move on to another change, I dont mind change at all........

So thats it from here, now I"m off to buy the last batch of flowers for summer.
And Summer has arrived in Prescott, Arizona, finally.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and take time to smell the flowers!


Ralonda said...

He heals the broken hearted- whether it is emotional or physical or both- remember Him in your journey thru this doll it will heal more than you know. For the wording may I suggest shrinky dinks- you can print in on your computer in t-shirt transfer image- which makes it backwards so that the shiny side of the shrinky- dink is up on your doll - I paint the back over the letters white to help it pop- it is what I used on the "seek his face doll" on my blog and or etsy.
Prayers of healing for you, Ralonda

Anonymous said...

Great start, Dian. She will be fantastic.


Opal said...

Dr Taylor says: I believe that the more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world, and the more peaceful our planet will be.