Monday, May 19, 2008

Company today

Well we had a UNIQUE visitor today, Dirk, a dear friend's Bouvier Des Flanders who is l4 months old, YES a puppy!!!!!!! lol His ears have been clipped and most Bouvier's are black and some white, few are gray. Very few have all the color combined like Dirk does, so he is unique even to his breed.

He is so gentle you wouldnt believe he was being so large. Grandpa really liked him and talked a lot about him when he left. It doesnt shed either, amazing. It was a fun time with Dirk here today. Thanks Kim for bringing him. Oh yes, she also told us he only eats 4 cups of dog food a day, amazing since he's so large.


Noel said...

Oh the pictures of Dirk bring back so many wonderful of my Ceaser...he was the same breed of dog. We was a resuce dog from Chicago, we lived in Michigan at the time and we had him for two years and had to give him up when we moved to California. He weighed 175 pounds and was my big lap baby. He waited until you sat in the corner spot on the couch and then he would jump up and get in your lap....what a big baby he was...and so lovable.
To this day, ten years later I still think of him and wonder if he is still alive. They do not live past 12 to 14 years of age.
O BTW, mine only ate 4 cups of food a day too....two in the moring and two in the evening.
Thanks for sharing the pics of Dirk...we is a handsome beauty!!!


Gammie said...

He is adorable. So sweet looking.